The Revd Tim Stead has been our teacher and guide at a number of sessions on Mindfulness here at Bray. You can find out more about Tim here: https://timsteadmindfulness.wordpress.com

We are currently planning three Mindfulness Days which will link together to form a developing course to take you more deeply into the practice of Mindfulness. With one in the Autumn 2020, one Spring 2021 and one in Summer 2021. More details to follow.



A programme

Many have been discovering the value and benefits of mindfulness practice in recent years in supporting the management of stress and anxiety, finding steadiness in the face of challenging circumstances and experiencing and living life more fully.

But how might mindfulness relate to our Christian faith and how can churchgoers incorporate the practical wisdom in mindfulness into their lives of faith and spiritual practice?

This is a three part parish programme designed to introduce people to mindfulness practice and to support those who seek to develop a meditation practice over the course of the church’s year.

Three full days will be offered, each building on the former, and each seeking to link in with the cycle of the church’s liturgical year.

Part 1: Advent: 'Waking up'

  • Theme: linking in with the ‘waking up’ theme of Advent
  • an introduction to mindfulness and how it relates to Christian spirituality, then:
  • the basic mindfulness steadying and grounding practices
  • how to develop a basic meditation practice at home  

Part 2: Lent: 'Facing challenge with wisdom and compassion' 

  • Theme: linking in with the themes of Passiontide and Holy Week
  • Reviewing how things have gone since Part 1, then:
  • practices for remaining steady in the face of difficulty
  • cultivating compassion towards self and others

Part 3: Summer (ordinary time): 'Mindful living'.

  • Theme: linking in with the ‘growing’ season of ordinary time
  • Reviewing how things have gone since Part 2, then:
  • establishing and developing practice in the midst of life
  • mindfulness and on-going healing and growth